DIME Jumbo Hoop Guard - 810085130130
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DIME Jumbo Hoop Guard

An extra hand to keep excess fabric out of the embroidery field - for 6" x 10" hoops or larger.

Jumbo Hoop Guard easily snaps into position on any Monster Snap Hoop 6" x 10" or larger. For use on single needle machines. Its lightweight, stainless steel construction means it stays where you put it! 

  • No more hovering over the machine to make sure fabric stays out of the embroidery field!
  • No more messy tape needed to tame hooped t-shirts!
  • Bags are a breeze with Jumbo Hoop Guard to wrangle unwieldy fabric!
  • Pillow cases are painless with Jumbo Hoop Guard!
  • Easily stitch large towels, blankets, table runners, and even quilt sandwiches 

Snaps onto the top frame of any Monster or Snap Hoop 6" x 10" or larger for single needle machines

Holds excess or bulky fabric out of the embroidery field with minimal extra weight