Baby Lock Pathfinder
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Baby Lock Pathfinder

Baby Lock machines come with features that make sewing easy no matter what you want to create. These innovative features powered by Baby Lock IQ™ Technology, work with the “brain” of your machine to achieve the results you desire. Taking your creative journey with IQ Technology makes it easy to bring your vision to life.  The Pathfinder is a dedicated embroidery machine.

• LCD Color Touchscreen with touch pen
• LED Needle Beam for precise placement of needle position
• Sensor Pen allows you to set preferences on your fabric
• Enhanced Stadium Lighting™ for brighter true color LED lighting of 10" around the needle
• 2 USB drives: 1 (Type A) drive, 2.0 connects with a mouse, hub, flash drives and CD-ROM drives and 1 (Type B) USB direct connect to a PC
• Access designs stored in folders when using USB type A
• NeverMiss™ Threading System
• Automatic thread cutter
• Quick-Set, top-loading bobbin with sensor
• Quick-Set independent bobbin winding system with variable speed
• Automatic sensors:
   o Thread tension control makes tension adjustments for accurate stitches
   o Upper and lower thread sensors to alert when threads run out
   o On-screen hoop sensor to recommend size of hoop
• Embroidery speed up to 1,050 spm Embroidery Features
• Built-in embroidery design library
• 263 Embroidery designs built-in
• 166 Baby Lock exclusive designs:
   o 12 Floral vine alphabet accents and frame patterns
   o 13 Bobbin work designs
• 140 Frame combinations
• 19 Font styles including:
   o Exclusive script alphabet characters
   o Large floral vine alphabet
• Embroiders up to 8" x 12" (200mm x 300mm) embroidery field
• Memory capacity 1MB
• Reads embroidery designs with a stitch capacity of up to 500,000 stitches per design, 125 color changes
• Color Touch Screen 
   o Color separation
   o Thread color indicator
   o On-screen hoop size indicator
   o Low bobbin thread indicator
   o 300 color names
• 9-point trial checkpoints
• Starting point key for instant alignment of characters or patterns
• Customize embroidery pattern and thumbnail background colors (66 options)
• Resume feature

• On-screen grid
• Cuts jump stitches (with on/off capability)
• Stitch Count System - .SCS Embroidery Editing Features
• Combine embroidery designs on screen
• Character/text array function
• Multi-Line text function
• Character spacing
• 1°, 10°, and 90° Pattern rotation
• Design enlargement (up to 20%)
• Design reduction (up to 10%)
• Automatic basting
• Mirror imaging
• Change color selections within designs
• Color sorting on border designs
• Monochrome option for embroidery designs
• Programmable custom thread color selection

Additional Information
• Multiple Language conversion capabilities
• Built-in Help Messages
• Built-in Operational Guide
• Built-in Help Messages

• Warranty (25 yrs. limited, 10 yrs. parts, 5 yrs. electrical, 1 yr. labor)