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Support local business and we will support you! When you purchase a sewing machine online, all you get is the machine. 

When you purchase a sewing machine from Kingdom Sewing Center, you receive FREE lessons for as long as you own your machine, 5 years FREE adjustments and any questions or problems will be addressed immediately by our professional sewing staff.

Handi Quilter was designed by a quilter so they understand what quilters need: a reliable, low-maintenance longarm quilting machine that not only makes it easy for you to finish more quilts, but also looks great in your studio. Whether you quilt for fun, charity, or profit, Handi Quilter’s innovative technology and quality engineering provide the functionality that quilters demand, along with the smoothest stitch in the industry.

All of our longarm quilting machines are backed by the trusted Handi Quilter warranty and Kingdom Sewing's excellent customer service, education, and technical support. Come visit our new Long Arm Room and check out the Handi Quilter longarm machines.

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HQ Sweet Sixteen | Video


Struggling to fit your project in the small throat space of a standard sized sewing machine?  The Handi Quilter HQ Sweet Sixteen® Longarm System gives you 16" of throat space with room to quilt even a king-size quilt! You'll finish your project quickly and easily with the smooth surface of the included 30" x 36" table, sewing speed of up to 1500 stitches-per-minute, and integrated programming allowing you to set your own preferences.
HQ Simply Sixteen | Video


Don’t let space restrictions dictate what you can create. Combined with the Handi Quilter HQ Little Foot Frame™ system, the Handi Quilter HQ Simply Sixteen Longarm System enables any quilter, beginner to advanced, to finish any size quilt without the space requirements of a conventional frame system. Integrated technology and engineering provide the functionality that quilters demand, paired with the smoothest stitch in the industry. Handcrafted in the U.S.A., the HQ Simply Sixteen is backed by the HQ warranty. It’s simply the best solution when space is at a premium.
HQ26 Infinity


The Handi Quilter HQ26 Longarm System provides innovative features, from stitching speeds up to 3,100 precision stitches per minute to handlebars that can be tailored to how you like to quilt, establish the Infinity as best in class. Customizable settings, programmable presets and intuitive software give the Infinity the ability to work and grow with you, and the latest technological advances make it even easier to use.
HQ20 Amara | Video


Experience quality, precision and a world of quilting possibilities with the latest in technology and convenience features.  With your choice of either the 10' or 12' HQ Studio2 Frame, from baby quilts to king-size, the Handi Quilter HQ Amara Longarm System is the perfect fit for your style of quilting.  

HQ18 Avanté


For the quilter who is looking for more quilting space, but wants a machine that makes the most ef­ficient use of a quilter’s reach, the Handi Quilter HQ18 Avanté Longarm System offers precision stitching with 15” of quilting space. Multiple track, table and frame options are available to suit your budget.
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