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Learn the basics of free motion quilting in this hands-on class.

Cost: $ 35.00
Evening workshops - learn to use the Silhouette Cameo digital cutter.

Cost: $ 10.00
Create this quilt using Deb Tucker piecing tools and techniques.

Cost: $ 55.00
Quilt finishing workshop.

Cost: $ 15.00
Hands-on machine embroidery class.

Cost: $ 35.00
Learn to fit and sew a perfect knit tee shirt.

Cost: $ 300.00
4 day pant fitting & sewing class.

Cost: $ 400.00
Meeting of machine embroidery enthusiasts.

Cost: $ 5.00
Create and sew an in-the-hoop project with the built-in IQ Designer in your machine.

Cost: $ 35.00
Hands-on embroidery club.

Cost: $ 144.00
Hands-on Kimberbell machine embroidery event.

Cost: $ 119.00

Cost: $ 5.00
Create and sew an in-the-hoop project with your Palette embroidery software.

Cost: $ 35.00
Learn to use your serger.

Cost: $ 5.00
Sewing workshop. No instructor and no formal class structure.

Cost: $ 5.00
Learn to use your sewing machine.

Cost: $ 5.00
Hands-on machine training class.

Cost: $ 5.00
Hands-on 4 hour machine embroidery event.

Cost: $ 69.00
Learn about digital cutting for embroidered applique.

Cost: $ 15.00
Hands-on embroidery project class.

Cost: $ 45.00
Create a Thanksgiving table runner in this hands-on embroidery & sewing class.

Cost: $ 35.00
Hands-on two day machine embroidery event.

Cost: $ 179.00
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We have on-going sewing classes for adults and children.  For information contact:
Ruth (805) 501-5874

Class Policy
To ensure that we are better able to serve as many customers as possible, and that we are not turning customers away from classes, all class fees must be paid when you sign up for a class.  Fees may be refunded no less than one week prior to class date.  A $5 reservation fee will be required for all free classes.  This fee will be refunded with your attendance on the day of class.